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What is SpotFax?

SpotFax uses open data to get useful information about a location.

Open data is published by government and others for purposes like this.

Tracking & Cookies

This site uses Google Analytics to track links. If you use this site to search the SpotFax, tracked links will include latitude and longitude only.

This site does not track property addresses. This site does not use personal information. This site does not use cookies or have a database.

You may request reports of this site's Google Analytics. The email address is on the About page.


Information through SpotFax is provided "as-is" and without warranty of any kind. SpotFax is not affiliated with the publishers of the data used in SpotFax.

All issues and inquiries with SpotFax should be sent to Kevin Curry


Distance is "as the crow flies", i.e., over land.

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